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October 24th, 2005 @ 1:42am

There is no reason to have almost 900 members when only 15 out of them comment on each of the makers entry so I decided to take everyone off the list except for the makers of course and if you’d like you can rejoin I’m soo sorry to the people who always comment I had to take everyone off cause it would be so hard to go on every entry and check who comments and who doesn’t a lot of people use my icons and carissa’s when they never bother to comment, comment are nice and these icons take a lot of time to make So please don’t join unless you’ll comment on the makers works I love having a lot of members but there no use for all of them to see our icons when only 15 comment and 30 uses them without bothering to comment, i was just going to post my mega post for the day when i relized that i dont need all the mebers to see it since they take them without saying anything and its just really been bothering me and the others!
So if you agree to the rules please Join!
i'll be doing new contests every months other than the Paid account Contest and if you have any ideas just comment :)


June 11th, 2005 @ 6:23pm

Okay everyone I talked to one of the makers here and its not really fair that we have over 100 members now and nobody actually comment on any of the makers work, I post at two community’s and a lot of people there never use any of my work or any of the other makers work but they always comment. We spend a lot of hours trying to make these icons and comments are nice u know even if your not going to use anything ..lol and besides I’ve seen a lot of people use my stuff when they never really comment at any of my post’s so I’m going do a members cut hopefully anytime this week if you want to stay as a member please comment in this post and if you don’t want too then just ignore this post and I’ll remove you when I make the cut, thankyou.


May 15th, 2005 @ 5:53pm

Welcome to Glamour icons this is a graphic community made by me noxcinderella, this is a members only community so if you want to join go to the info page and click join this community but before you do please read the rules:

1. you have to comment and credit if you take or use any of the graphics from this community but if you don’t credit or comment you will be deleted.

2. please don’t take and of the graphics and claim that they are yours.

3. don’t promote here unless it’s a graphic or icons community.

4. if you want to be a poster here please comment here with some of your work (Headers, FO, icons).


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